DT Risk Management a proudly South African Company based at Naturena South of Johannesburg and have other offices in KZN namely Durban and Dundee.

The privately owned Security Company in the Region that combines 9 years of Safety and Security expertise with state of the art technology and a highly skilled workforce. DT Risk Management are able to provide our customers with the service they require, giving them absolute confidence in their Security Systems and us as a service provider.

At DT Risk Management we have an obligation to our clients, employees, suppliers and communities to deliver innovative and industry leading products and services. This form the foundation of our relationship with our clients and suppliers also measure our conduct against the highest ethical standards.

With the alarming crime rate and all the different trends and methods used by criminals, we have found innovative ways and methods to help combat crime. DT Risk Management has a range of security solutions and also customized solutions according to the needs and situation of the client’s requirements.

We, at DT Risk Management guarantee excellent service and promise to go to extreme to ensure our clients are experiencing a crime- free and safe environment and hope you will find value and peace of mind knowing who is protecting your most valuable assets.

VISION: Our vision is to become the leading professional service provider that stands ahead of our competitors in service excellence. Our team is made up of skilled and professionals who have the necessary experience and knowledge to provide our clients with excellent service.

MISSION: To provide excellent service to our clients. To create employment opportunities and transfer the necessary skills and knowledge to previously disadvantaged groups.

OBJECTIVE: Our objective is to build mutual respect , confidence and trust in our personal relationship based on commitment, integrity, honesty and competence. Our policy is to share company’s success by contributing to the previously disadvantaged communities.



Our responsibility to clients is to satisfy their desire by delivering on the mandate given to us and ensure that honesty is strengthened with our clients. Continue to conduct our business affairs professionally by ensuring that we achieve the highest business, social and work ethics.



Our commitment is to be an asset to every community we operate in by offering employment/opportunities, leading efforts to just causes and encouraging young people to take active part in their communities.




Motivate superior performance by being goal orientated and rules of personal behavior should reside with the individual. In a medium to long term, decentralized some resources to empower the communities.



As young people we are committed to the philosophy of a learning organization. DT RISK MANAGEMENT shall have a good reputation with regard to its service delivery.  Honest dealings and transparency will guide our day-to-day activities.